Inspirational Technologies

Codewell Soft was created with the idea of bringing you multipurpose and flexible IT Solutions. We use various innovative technologies that make your work not only easier but more productive without unnecessary coding.


What we do

We form your ideas and business goals into digital products that disrupt the target market, taking whatever input you can provide and transforming it into material assets.

Our expertise



Encoding and dencoding solutions which provide high quality and high density video streams.
Transcoding functions through APIs that can be customized and incorporated into your existing content management systems.
Timeshifting feautures to allow broadcasting the necessary content in different timezones.
IPTV middleware for delivering TV, VOD and interactive services to customers in any IP-based network all over the world.
Transcoding solution that formats linear content to formats-multi screen such as HLS or DASH and also can transcode your content from one codec to another to ensure that content is consumable from as many networks and devices as possible.
Set-top box software for digital video broadcast and interactive services.
Tablets, smartphones and SmartTV applications.
Automated trading strategies (including crypto)based on event-driven architecture.
Impact-driven order execution algorithms aim to minimize the overall market impact (VWAP, POV).
Backtest and strategy optimization using our own customizable backtesting system.
Cost-driven algorithms try to reduce the overall trading cost (IS, AS).
Alphas platform. Platform to write end test new alpha. Dashboard where you can monitor metrics and passed tests. Make an alpha generation process more easily.
Opportunistic algorithms take advantage whenever the market conditions are favorable (liquidity-driven).
Market impact models to predict how traders orders move the market.